How to allow clients to self-book 1-on-1 PT sessions and group classes in Trainerize?


There are a few steps required in order to get to a place where your clients can begin self-booking appointments on their end. We'll outline the steps below and the help articles listed within the steps will go into more detail.



1. Create an Appointment Type(s) that allows for client self-booking

Or, go back into your Appointment Types section and edit existing appointments to include the client self-booking option. 




2. Set your calendar availability

It's important to set your schedule in advance so that clients can only book in when you want them to!

The article above goes over exactly that. To learn about the difference between each availability type in more detail, refer to this article: What are the four types of calendar availability trainers can set for client self-booking?



3. Share your availability with your clients

As soon as you create an appointment type that has the self-booking options, clients can begin to self-book. They can access the Appointments option on the mobile just like they would to add a meal, a body stat, workout etc. More on that here: How do clients self-book one on one appointments?

You can also share your calendar availability through a one on one message or group message outlined here: Sharing trainer calendar availability in Messages and Groups





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