Setting your calendar availability for client self-booking


The Calendar Availability feature allows you to set hours that you’re available for all appointments that clients can self-book.


It's important to note, the availability that you set applies only to clients booking on their end. If you were to go into your own calendar and book an appointment, all the self-booking parameters that you have set do not apply.


Trainers manually scheduling appointments on their end, on behalf of their clients have full capability to schedule at any given time. 


Before you begin, an important rule to note:

  • Each team member (Owner, Admin, Manager, Shared Trainer, Regular Trainer) must set their OWN availability. Owners or Admins cannot override and set availability on their end for their team.

  • This setting, unlike the company-wide booking window, is UNIQUE to EACH team member. Each team member must log in to their own account and set their own availability in their personal calendars.


1. Go to Calendar > Availability 




2. Next, you will see the Default Availability page. On this page, you will notice that there are four ways to set your calendar booking availability:

1. Vacation

2. Date Specific

3. Appointment Type Specific

4. General


The locations to set them are outlined below:



Once you set your availability clients will see your available days highlighted in blue when they self-book. (more on client self-booking here)


Client view on the Web: 

  • Available days highlighted in blue: 

    web view.png


Client view on Mobile: 

  • Available days highlighted in blue: 

    client av.jpeg


To learn about the difference between the availability types, refer to this article:

What are the four types of calendar availability trainers can set for client self-booking?




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