How to Use One-way and Two-way Messaging

On any given day, trainers can receive countless messages from clients—and as their client numbers grow, so does the number of messages! Stop the inbox overload by only allowing certain clients to message you.

With new messaging options, trainers can choose between one-way or two-way messaging permissions for each client. Two-way is the standard messaging format you’re used to where both trainers and clients can message each other, but one-way restricts communication so that only trainers can message their clients—not the other way around. You can still reach out with important info, upsell services, or motivate your clients, but you won’t be flooded with questions or responses.

This is perfect for trainers who want to offer low-touch/high-volume programs (think Kayla Itsines or Kelsey Wells style), sell programs en masse via social media, or offer free trial or demo programs. 

One-way Messaging

Trainers can send clients messages but the client cannot reply back to the private message. The clients can, however, react to the trainer's message with an emoji. Clients can also reply to messages in any Groups they are a part of, unless trainer, under group settings, set up group in a way that only trainers can post.

 This is a great option for clients that are a part of a cheaper plan where one on one coaching calls or communication are not included. One-way messaging can be automatically initiated upon purchase of a certain product. Click here to learn more about creating products.

Two-way Messaging 

Standard messaging format. Clients can reply to their Trainer through private messaging as well as Groups with no limitations. 

How to select the One-way messaging option when adding a new client:

In the "Clients" section, select "Add New" and choose the "One-way" option for the "In-app messaging" option.


How to change a client's access through the mobile app:

2-way_messaging.png         One-way_Messaging.png

  1. Select the three dots from the bottom bar            2. Select "One Way Messaging"



1-way_messages.png     Preview_of_1-way_messaging.png

   ^ Client now has 1-way messaging                     ^ Client view: no ability to reply


How to change a client's access through the web app:

In the "Clients" section, click on the client's name and click "Edit" in their Profile Card.Step_1_-_Edit_Client.png


Next, select "One-way" and remember to click "Save".




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