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Setting up a challenge for your clients shouldn't be challenging for you, so we're answering the top questions about this feature, here!

To first learn the best practices on preparing your clients' accounts for challenges, please view our article on the subject here. Otherwise, this article will aim to answer some of the common questions about the ABC Trainerize Challenges feature!

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Who can join a Challenge? 

  • Only Full Access (1-way and 2-way messaging) and Offline Client types can be added as Participants of a Challenge.

    • Offline client types cannot join challenges as they do not have access to the online training features required to earn points. 

  • All Staff types can join a challenge.
    • When the Business Owner, or an Admin, joins a challenge, they are challenge 'Leaders' by default. 

    • For all other staff types (Manager, Shared Trainer, and Trainer), they are challenge 'Trainers' by default.


How can I add a client to a Challenge? 

Please see the How to Add Participants section in the Creating Challenges for Your Clients article


What is the difference between Challenge 'Leaders' and 'Trainers'? 

Challenge Leaders and Trainers who have been added to a challenge will have different roles. 

Trainers added to a challenge can add their clients as participants, communicate with participants, and watch as participants progress!

Challenge Leaders have all the same permissions as challenge trainers, plus the ability to edit a Challenge before its start date or delete a challenge altogether. Edits include changing the challenge rules, editing the description, and adding new team members.

Note: For adding clients, as participants in a challenge, Trainers and Leaders are able to only add their own assigned clients


Leaders Trainers have the ability to
X X Join a Challenge
X X Add Clients to a Challenge
X X Leave a Challenge
X   Edit a Challenge

Message other Trainers or Leaders

X X Add a Trainer to a Challenge
X   Promote Trainers to Leaders
X   Demote Leaders to Trainers



How can clients earn points, and when do the points arrive? 

Leaders can select up to six (6) ways for Participants to accumulate points when creating the challenge. 

What? How? When?
Workout completed

Clients will be rewarded for completing any type of workout started after the challenge starts, and completed before the challenge ends. 

Points earned from completing workouts arrive shortly after the workout is completed.
Cardio activity completed

Clients will be rewarded for completing any type of cardio activity started after the challenge starts, and completed before the challenge ends. 

Points earned from completing Cardio activities arrive shortly after the cardio activity is completed.
Personal best set

Personal bests are earned in Regular or Interval workouts whenever a client either increases the weight or total volume (reps x weight) for an exercise. 

Note: The above rules regarding workout time apply. 

Points earned from setting Personal Bests arrive shortly after the workout is completed.
Daily nutrition goal hit

Nutrition goals are hit when the following three are met: 

Points earned from meeting daily nutrition goals arrive shortly after midnight based on the client's time zone. 

(The client's timezone can be updated on the client's profile)

Daily habit completed

Daily habits are completed when:

  • Clients have an active habit for which the duration either overlaps or matches with the challenge's duration. 
    • Clients do not need to have matching habits. 
  • Client completes the habit on that day, i.e. after midnight the day of and before midnight, the following day. 

Points earned from completing habits are awarded shortly after the habit is completed. 

Clients who have multiple active habits can earn points from each habit. 

Fitness goal hit

Fitness goals are hit when clients reach a Body Weight Goal or Custom Goal during the duration of the challenge.

  • For Body Weight goals, 
    • If the goal is to lose weight, a client must log at or below the goal weight. 
    • if the goal is to gain weight, the client must log at or above the goal weight. 
  • For Custom Goals, the client's goal must be completed 100%.

Points earned from meeting fitness goals are awarded shortly after the goal is hit. 

Clients who have multiple fitness goals can earn points for meeting each goal.  


Why are my client's missing points? 

There are a few reasons that a participant could miss out on a few points during a challenge! Here are common causes we see from other customers' reports: 

Source of Points Possible causes for missing points
Workout completed
  • The workout was not started and completed while the challenge was active.
  • The workout was scheduled outside of the challenge's duration. i.e. The client completed a past/future scheduled workout. 
Cardio activity completed

Cardio Activity was not started and completed while the challenge was active.

Personal best set

First time completing an exercise.

Daily nutrition goal hit
  • The client did not have a Nutrition Goal.
  • Track meal details for Nutrition Compliance were not enabled at least 24 hours before the start of the challenge. 
    • Note: Any changes made to clients' meal tracker via clients' profiles or done as a batch on the client list do not change how clients' nutrition compliance is tracked. 
  • Meal workflow is set to meal photos only
  • The client is outside of their set variance for calories or a macro, and thus non-compliant. 
Daily habit completed

The habit was not completed while the challenge was active.

Fitness goal hit

No reports 


If you would like to minimize the chance that your clients miss points during a challenge, please ensure to read our article on Preparing Clients for Challenges, here.

If you have any questions not addressed above please reach out to our support team!


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