Setting And Monitoring Client Nutrition Compliance

How to Measure Nutrition Compliance Using Auto Client Tags

Trainerize will automatically measure your clients nutrition compliance and alert you when they are high achievers or need a little extra help with their nutrition plan.

By setting compliance levels for your clients, you'll be able to more effectively track weekly adherence for to the nutrition guides your give your clients. You'll also be able to evaluate whether the nutrition goals you've set for your clients are achievable by monitoring if clients are consistently missing or exceeding their compliance thresholds.


How to set compliance thresholds

Navigate to: "Settings" 

Click on: "Auto Client Tags"


From here adjust the compliance thresholds for nutrition by sliding the 2 little square icons left or right. The left square icon sets the threshold for low compliance, whereas the right square icon will be your threshold for high compliance.

 Keep in mind! These settings apply to your entire business and all your clients. 

While compliance levels will be calculated for each client individually, the compliance thresholds you set will be used in those calculations for all of your clients.

We encourage you to start by setting more flexible compliance thresholds then gradually adjust them to become more stringent. starting with more flexible compliance values and then adapting them to drive client compliance higher progressively. 


Nutrition Compliance

Trainerize calculates a client's weekly nutrition compliance score based on the number of days a client achieves their daily nutrition goal. Their food intake data comes from meals logged using MyFitnessPal or Fitbit.
For nutrition, you can also set the nutrition goal achievement range for clients depending on how strict or loose you want their food intake to be.

The bottom row of numbers denotes the 7 days of the week. The dropdown determines how close to their target calorie and macro target they have to be within in order to be registered as "Compliant" that day. For example, if you have it set to 70%, your client would have to be within 70% of their calorie and macronutrient target to be registered as compliant. 

Clients can be automatically tagged as "low compliance" if they don't track their nutrition and meet their calorie and macro targets based on the left slider. For example, in the image above clients will be tagged with "low nutrition compliance" if they are below three days of tracking with compliance for the goals you've set.

Likewise, clients can automatically be tagged with high compliance. In the image above, clients who track their nutrition and hit their targets 5 or more days a week will be automatically tagged with the "high nutrition compliance" tag.  

To learn more about filtering your clients based on auto tags, check out this great article: What are Client Tags and How Do I Use Them?

You can review your clients nutrition compliance from the client dashboard by clicking on the "Nutrition" tab. 
Learn more about setting nutrition goals and having clients track them with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit.

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