Setting Health and Fitness Goals for your Clients

With Trainerize, your clients’ goals have a front-row-center spot in their training experience.

You can set 3 different types of goals in Trainerize:

Learn how to set and track these three different types of goals and help your clients achieve success.


Body weight Goals

To remind clients what they’re working toward, you can now set bodyweight goals for clients, whether they want to bulk up or cut down. As a client completes their progress checks and submits updated weight logs, Trainerize will track their progress toward their goal weight. When they hit it, you’ll be instantly notified so you can help your clients celebrate their success. Your clients will also automatically receive a congratulatory message—complete with confetti—and a badge will be added to their dashboard, commemorating their hitting their goal!


How To Set a Bodyweight Goal

1. Navigate to your clients profile and click the “Goals” tab. Click the blue “New” button> Fitness Goal> and choose “Body Weight Goal”



2. Choose the body weight goal you would like to set for your client.




Tracking Body weight Goals


The most common way to track your clients body weight goal is from the mobile app.


  1. Navigating to your clients “Plans” page you’ll see their new bodyweight goal listed among any other goals you may have set.



2. When you’re ready to update your clients current bodyweight, click the three dots to the right of the goal and choose “Add weight”.



3. Once you’ve updated your clients weight, the bar graph will also be updated to reflect progress toward their goal weight.





Nutrition Goals

To help your clients hit their larger or more long-term weight goals, you can also create daily nutrition goals for your clients. This helps them manage their intake on a daily basis and gives them clear guidance on what they should and shouldn’t be eating.

You can set 3 different kinds of nutrition goals using our built-in calculator to help select the ideal intake:

  • Calories Only
  • Calories and Protein
  • Calories and Macros


The nutrition goals feature works in conjunction with our In-app meal tracker, and MyFitnessPal and Fitbit integrations so that clients can log their meals using their preferred app and their calories, macros, and meal breakdowns are piped directly into Trainerize for you, their trainer, to see and review.


As soon as a client logs into the app their daily nutrition goal is displayed under their “to-do list”. This way, they’re reminded of how they should be eating and can quickly see how they’re doing based on the food intake they’ve tracked so far.


How To Set a Nutrition Goal


1. Navigate to your clients dashboard and choose the “Goals” tab. Click the “New” button and choose “Daily Nutrition Goal”



2. Input the number of calories your client should consume per day. You can also provide your client with a specific amount of protein per day or, if you prefer, the complete macronutrient ratio per day. The amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrate will be predicated by what you have defined as the clients overall calorie goal. 


3. If you have defined your clients activity level in their profile (see this tutorial), you can use the built in calculator to help you choose the optimal calorie goal your client should follow based on their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

You can select from dynamic, weekly weight loss or weight gain goals. Selecting “lose 2 lbs” per week will reduce the suggested calories by 1000 per day. Conversely, selecting “Gain 1 lb” per week will increase the suggested calories by 500 per day.



4. Next, decide if you want the client to track their meals. If so, you can select to track it in-app with our macro tracker or have them connect to Fitbit or MyFitnessPal. 




TZ Tip: Anytime you add a new goal for a client, they’ll be automatically notified. This keeps both you and your clients on the same page, and reminds them you’ll be helping them stay accountable and get the results they’re looking for.


Tracking Nutrition Goals

1. If you selected to track meal details in-app using our full meal tracker when you set up their daily nutrition goal, then they're all set!


If your client will be using Fitbit or Myfitnesspal, they will need to sync either their Fitbit or Myfitnesspal account to their Trainerize app. They can do that by going to the “More” page, then selecting “Connect apps and devices”


2. Once they have synced their meal tracker to Trainerize, their calorie and macronutrient information will display on their calendar from both the Trainerize app and Trainerize web dashboard.




You can review each day that was tracked in more detail by pressing/clicking on the item from the clients calendar.




Custom Goals

Of course, your clients are likely working toward more than just their goal bodyweight and a healthy eating regimen.


You can add up to 3 custom goals for each client. They can be habit-focused like, “Taking the stairs instead of the elevator each morning at work” or “Packing my own lunch every day”. Or they can be larger, like, “Run my first 10k race” or “Improve my flexibility so I can touch my toes.”

Good to know: The character limit for a custom goal is 30.


How To Set a Custom Goal


1. Navigate to your clients dashboard and choose the “Goals” tab. Click the “New” button and choose “Custom Goal”. Give your goal a name and click “Save Goal”.




2. You will now see the goal listed among any others you may have set for your client. Your client will also see the goal listed on their “Plans” page from the app.




Tracking Custom Goals


1. Both you and your client can track the progres of a custom goal by pressing the three dots to the right of the goal and selecting “Update Progress”. You will then be presented with a slider to select the new percentage of achievement for the goal.



2. Once this has been updated, changes are reflected on both the “Plans” page of the clients app as well as the clients dashboard on the web.



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