How to add a custom meal to the Meals Master library

Please note: Custom Meals is a feature included in the Advanced Nutrition Add-on. More on that here.


Custom meals (as well as custom foods) can only be added on the web in the Master Libraries section.


1. Under Master Libraries on the left, click Meals



2. Click the NEW button at the top left of the screen.



3. In the pop-up dialogue you can add in your custom meal photo and fill in all the important details!


Note: Maximum dimensions for meal photos and/or videos are 800x533 pixels with a file size of 500MB for video and 5MB for images. 


4. In the pop-up dialogue, you will notice there are two sections: Meal details and Recipe. The first is Meal details. Here you will need to enter the Meal name, Meal Prep Time, and select what the meal is suitable for (breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack). The rest of the options are optional, but we recommend that you fill them out to better filter your meals as well as create an optimal experience for your clients. 


4. The second section is Recipe. Here you will fill out the ingredient list as well as directions. For the Ingredients, you have two options.

They are called: 

  • Auto-calculate mode
    • Search for foods in the search bar and select the serving size. Calories and macros will be calculated for you based on the ingredient list. 


  • Manual mode
    • Type up or copy and paste the ingredient list (1000 characters max). But, you will have to manually enter the calories and macronutrients below the ingredients.



^ Example of Manual mode Ingredients. 


^ Example of Auto-calculate mode Ingredients. Notice that you only have to enter the serving size, the rest of the information is auto-calculated. 


5. Directions can be entered step by step on the right side of the pop-up. 



6. Click SAVE.


7. There you have it! A meal has been added to your Master Meals library. You can click on it to make edits or view the meal. 




Note: Your custom meals will appear at the top of the discovery tab for your clients on mobile and at the beginning of the meal library on desktop! 



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