What is a booking window limit and how to set it


The booking window limit allows a business to set how far in advance a client of that business can self-book an appointment.


Here are some other things to keep in mind about the booking window limit:

  • It's a company-wide setting - this means it applies to ALL Team Members equally. This includes the Owner and Admin(s).
  • The window can only be set by the Owner or Admin of a company. 
  • The booking limits are 4 hours in advance (minimum) and 28 days (maximum)



Settings > Appointment Types is where you will find the Set client's booking window limit button as shown below.




The pop-up dialogue that appears next gives you the minimum and maximum drop-down menus as shown below:




The minimum hour options are as follows:



The maximum days options are as follows: 




Once you've made your selections, click SAVE and you have successfully set the limit in which clients how far in advance can self-book their appointments.




Be careful not to confuse the booking window limit with calendar availability! Booking window limit is a business-wide setting, whereas the calendar availability is for each individual team member to set for themselves. Learn more here:

Setting your calendar availability for client self-booking

What are the four types of calendar availability trainers can set for client self-booking?




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