How to change meal trackers for clients (single and bulk)


Trainerize has four options available for meal tracking and can be changed at any time by both the trainer or the client. The options are:

  • In-App - Meal Photos 
  • In-App - Full meal tracking 
  • Integration - Fitbit
  • Integration - MyFitnessPal

We're going to cover how to select the meal tracker of choice for an individual client as well as bulk assigning a meal tracker to multiple clients at once. 


Changing the meal tracker for one client

There are two ways to select a meal tracker for an individual client. 


1. When creating a Nutrition Goal 

When you set up a client's nutrition goal, you can indicate the preferred way you'd like for their nutrition to be tracked, right from the Nutrition Goal pop-up dialogue. This will change their meal workflow/tracker as well. 



2. From the client's profile card

At the top left of the profile card, click Edit. 



Scroll down to the bottom and select the meal workflow of choice.



Remember to scroll up and hit save to save your changes!





Changing the meal tracker for multiple clients at once

In the Clients tab, select the clients from the grid to which you wish to assign/change a meal tracker.



From the three-dot menu at the top of the screen, select Change meal tracker and make your selection.




Note: Changing the nutrition compliance tracker, a nutrition goal, will update the client's meal workflow/tracker. However updating the client's meal workflow/tracker, via the client's profile, by bulk, or their app's settings, will not update how nutrition compliance is tracked. 


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