Creating Group Appointments

With Group Appointments, you can easily deliver small group training to clients. Clients will love the affordability, community, and accountability of training as a team. 

Group video call option coming soon. This current feature creates the foundation for group video calls. Stay tuned! 


In this article you will learn how to:


How to create an Appointment Type


Please note, whether you're creating an appointment for a one on one video call or a group appointment, the owner of the account must first create the Appointment Type in the account Settings first. Then those appointments can be scheduled for clients by the rest of the trainers and staff. Feel free to click into the article above or remember that in order to schedule a Group Appointment, you must create a Group Appointment Type under Settings > Appointment Types first. The maximum number of clients allowed in a group appointment is 49 (that would make it 50 including the trainer in the call).





How to schedule a Group Appointment


Step 1: Go to the Appointments tab and select the day you want to schedule an appointment. 



Step 2: Select the appointment type, the date and time, as well as the clients. Click Add when you're done. 




Please note, group appointments are limited to 50 people (49 clients and one trainer).



Clients will get a push notification when the appointment is scheduled in addition to the appointment appearing in their calendar and their Dash under "Things to do today" on the day of.





After scheduling a group appointment, you can go back and click on the appointment to view, edit or delete it. 




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