Habit Winning Streaks, Milestones, and Achievement Badges


Starting a winning streak

A winning streak (or “streak” for short) is when a client completes a scheduled habit for 2 or more days in a row. To count toward a streak, a habit must be marked as completed by noon on the day after it was scheduled. Clients can create winning streaks for each habit assigned to them and added to their calendars.

Note: the habit must be scheduled to be eligible for a winning streak. 


Milestones and Achievement Badges

As their streak continues to grow, clients will receive special badges at various milestones. 

When they hit a milestone, immediately after marking a habit as completed, clients will see a summary screen awarding them with a badge with a special congratulatory message and information about the next milestone they’re aiming for.

Badges are awarded for the following milestones:

  • 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 20 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300…

 Clients can view the badge board from their dashboard under Recent Accomplishments or via the their profile under Recently Earned Badges.


Streak notifications and messages

Both clients and trainers will receive updates about habit streaks and milestones. 

Client notifications (MOBILE)

The first time a client completes a habit, they’ll be prompted with a summary screen telling them that they’ve just started a streak and encouraging them to stay consistent.

As the client continues practicing the habit, each time they complete the habit they’ll be prompted with a summary screen telling them how long their current streak is and how many days remain until their next milestone.

When they hit a milestone, they’ll be prompted with a summary screen awarding them with a badge and offering a special congratulatory message and information about the next milestone they’re aiming for.

Group auto-posts (WEB + MOBILE)

If a client is a member of a group, any badges they receive for hitting a habit milestone will be automatically shared in the group. 

Group leaders can change this and decide what is automatically shared with the group by changing the group auto-post settings.

Trainer notifications (WEB + MOBILE)

Each time a client completes their habit, their trainer will receive an update on their timeline.

If a client is extending their current winning streak or receives a badge, those details will also be shared on their trainer's timeline.


Checking streak progress and records 

Client (and trainers by switching into a client's profile) can see all the details of their habit streaks in 2 places:


1. On a client's Goals + Habits screen (WEB + MOBILE)


Each habit card on the Goals + Habits screen includes information about:

  • the current streak for that habit
  • the longest streak for that habit

Each habit card's top bar is also color-coded to indicate the habit's streak status:

  • Grey: the habit is new or has no previous/in-progress winning streak (this includes habits for which a streak has been broken)
  • Blue: a previous winning streak record exists that the client is encouraged to try and beat
  • Yellow: the client is currently on a winning streak for that habit 

2. On a Habit’s progress screen (WEB + MOBILE)


From a specific habit's progress screen, both clients and trainers can now see additional details about the habit and how well the client is sticking to it.

Details include:

    • the percentage completed (based on the number of days the habit is scheduled on)
    • the total number of times the habit has been marked as completed
    • the longest streak for that habit

What happens to a streak when a Habit is no longer scheduled?

Once a habit is expired (the time for which it was scheduled has passed), a client’s streak will be preserved for 7 days. During that time, trainers can reschedule or extend that same habit so that clients can continue building their longest streak. 

Note: when rescheduling or extending custom habits, trainers should be careful to use the identical habit name. This will allow the system to join the two habits and for a client to continue their winning streak.

If a trainer does not extend or reschedule a habit within 7 days of it expiring, the streak will end.


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