How to Market and Sell Product Bundles

For independent coaches or PT-focused businesses looking to give their clients a custom-tailored training experience, Add-ons are just the ticket. 

Because clients can have as many active Add-ons as they like, businesses can build and market a wide variety of products and then let their clients mix and match to create their perfect training package or product bundles. 

Here are 2 ways to make the most of Add-ons.

Option 1: Sell only Add-Ons

If you’re not interested in using the Membership Control feature or product automation and want to give clients total flexibility and control over the products they buy and combine together, you don’t have to create or sell any Core Products at all. Instead, you can sell all of your services as Add-ons. 

For example, you could build:

  • Add-on 1: Custom Personal Training Program 
  • Add-on 2: Custom Habit Coaching Program
  • Add-on 3: Custom Nutrition Coaching Program
  • Add-on 4: Video Coaching Sessions (10-pack)
  • Add-on 5: Mindset Coaching Sessions (5-pack)
  • Add-on 6: Group Fitness Challenge

TZ Tip: To encourage your clients to purchase more than one add-on at a time, consider offering a “package or bundle” discount. For example, buy 3 services, get the 4th free. Or buy one, get one 50% off. The exact discount you offer is up to you, but these kinds of bulk offers are a great way to increase your client’s spend and can encourage them to really invest in themselves and their training experience. 


Option 2: Sell Core Products + Add-Ons

If you want to have a little bit of control over what your clients buy or are interested in using Membership Control or product automation, you can combine Add-ons with Core Products to create a flexible but structured client buying experience. 

Step 1: Build your Core Products

Start by building out one or a few Core Products that align with your main business focus and that you’d be comfortable having clients purchase on its own without any other Add-ons. For example:

  • Core Product 1: Custom Personal Training Program 
  • Core Product 2: Custom Habit Coaching Program
  • Core Product 3: Custom Nutrition Coaching Program

Follow these details as a guide for setting up a Core Product:


Product name: Custom Habit Coaching Program

Description: Turn small changes into big results with this program focused on building healthy, life-changing habits.

Type: Core Product

Payment type: Recurring

Pricing: $79
*The price you charge is completely up to you and will depend on what your membership includes. 

Frequency: every 1 month

Product duration: Renews until canceled

Product starts on: Day of purchase

Sell on ON

Allow self-cancellation OFF
*To ensure that your clients can only access their add-ons while their Core Product is active, you’ll need to keep self-cancellation turned off. In general, whenever you’re selling recurring Core Products we recommend that you keep self-cancellation turned off so that, if a member is thinking of canceling their services you can connect with them first and ensure that you can best support them at that time.

Step 2: Build your Add-ons

Now that you’ve established your Core Products, create Add-ons that would complement these Core Products, that your clients can either purchase as a sort of “package” when signing up with you, or that they can add to their training as they go along. For example:

  • Add-on 1: Beginner Runner’s Program
  • Add-on 2: Basic Meal Plan
  • Add-on 3: Basic Habit Coaching 
  • Add-on 4: Core Strength Workout Pack
  • Add-on 5: Video Coaching Session Pack

You can follow these details as a guide for setting up an Add-on:


Product name: Video Coaching Sessions (10-Pack)

Description: Connect with your coach face-to-face from anywhere in the world by adding this video coaching pack to your training program.

These coaching sessions can be used for:
- initial consultations and program orientation
- guided workouts and exercise instruction
- goal setting and mindset coaching sessions
- progress checks

*Must be used within 6 months of purchase

Type: Add-on

Payment type: One-time upfront

Pricing: $200
*The price you charge is completely up to you and will depend on what your membership includes. 

Frequency: n/a

Product duration: 6 months

Product starts on: Day of purchase

Sell on ON

Allow self-cancellation n/a 
*This option is only available for recurring products. 

Step 3: Turn Membership Control On/Off

Decide whether or not you want to flip on Membership Control. If you’re comfortable with clients buying only your Add-ons without a Core Product, you can leave it turned off. If you want them to purchase a Core Product before they buy any Add-ons, turn it on.

Step 4: Market and promote your products

With your Core Product set up and your Add-ons built, it's time to start marketing and selling your products to members! 

Because you've already listed the products on your profile, you're already well on your way. 

Here are a few other things you can do to get the word out about your services:

TZ TIP: Whether you’re using Core Products or not, you can always use auto messages with add-on products and discount codes attached to incentivize upsells and get your existing clients to ramp up their training experience with additional support or services. While clients might be hesitant to invest in add-ons upfront, as they get a sense of how they’re progressing and what they need, they might be more keen to upgrade their subscription.  


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