How to allow your clients to cancel their recurring Trainerize Pay products with self-cancellation

When setting up products in Trainerize Pay, you have the option to allow clients to cancel their active, recurring products. This will stop your client's current product from automatically renewing. The product will be removed from their account at the end of the current billing cycle.

Allowing clients to cancel their recurring subscriptions can limit the number of potential disputes and will give your clients the flexibility to switch to another product if and when they want to.

How to turn on self-cancellation for a product

By default, the self-cancellation option is turned off for all your products.

You can turn it on while creating new or editing existing products. Only active, recurring products can be cancelled by your clients.

 To allow self-cancellation:

1. Go to  Payments > Product

2. Click the + Add Product button the Products Grid toolbar.

3. Enable Allow self-cancellation switch.



How clients can self-cancel a product

Once self-cancellation is enabled, your clients will be able to cancel their recurring products by logging into their account on the web version of the app and navigating to My Purchases

Products that are eligible for self-cancellation will show a "Cancel Auto-renew" option on the product's dropdown.

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