Core Products vs. Add-ons

With Trainerize Pay, you can build 2 types of products:

  1. Core Products
  2. Add-ons

By combining Core Products and Add-ons, you can:

  • enhance your clients' basic membership or subscription by upselling multiple add-ons
  • create custom-tailored training experiences for each of your clients by mixing and matching different services 



Core Products


Can control app access?



Can be purchased on its own?


Only when Membership Control is turned off

Maximum # of products that can be active at the same time

1 per client

Unlimited per client

Can be queued?

Yes (max 1 per client)


Can overlap with other Products?



Can be set up as a one-time payment?



Can be set up as a recurring payment?




Core Products

As their name indicates, Core Products are used to sell your business' key services. 

If you run a brick and mortar club or studio, this might be a gym membership. If you run a personal training business, this might be your clients' fitness programs. What you choose will depend on what kind of business you run.

Core Products cannot be combined or overlapped. 

Each client can have up to 1 active Core Product in their account at any given time, and up to 1 additional Core Product can be added to a client’s product queue.

They can be set up as either one-time or recurring purchases and can be used with automation.

Using Core Products to control app access

What makes Core Products so powerful is that they can be used to control app access. 

By turning on Membership Control, whenever a client’s Core Product expires, they will be unable to purchase any additional add-ons. If they do not purchase another core product before all their active products expire, they will be automatically deactivated and their app access revoked. 

This is an excellent way to manage a high volume of clients with little to no manual work. 

Learn more about Membership Control.

Common examples of Core Products include:

  • A basic gym membership or personal training program that includes app access
  • A sequence of training programs ("Phase 1: Learn the moves", "Phase 2: Let's add some weights")
  • A starter package, transitioning to an ongoing subscription ( "12 week Shred and Lean program" transitioning to "Coaching maintenance")
  • A free trial that automatically transitions into a paid program 


In contrast to Core Products, Add-ons are most often used to sell additional or combinable services.

They can be layered on top of or added to a Core Product, or (if you turn Membership Control off) they can be sold entirely on their own without any Core Product needed. 

Add-ons offer you the chance to upsell more products while also allowing your clients to mix and match different products to create their ideal training experience.

They can be set up as either one-time or recurring purchases but cannot be used with automation.

Common examples of add-ons include:

  • 1-on-1, large group, or small group personal training programs and/or sessions
  • Nutrition coaching or meal plans
  • Habit or lifestyle coaching
  • Low-touch/high volume training programs/digital fitness content
  • Online or at-the-gym challenges
  • Fitness, nutrition, or healthy lifestyle consultations
  • Video calls or coaching sessions
  • 2-way messaging
  • On-demand workouts
  • Live video classes and group workouts
  • Program enhancements/additional training modules stacked on top of a training program (e.g., flexibility modules, core strength modules, injury recovery modules, etc.)


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