Copy To vs Import From vs Move

We want our features to be easy to use. That's why we’ve added three new options to help you organize and manage your Programs  Programs; copy, import and move.



Copy feature:

  • Why we created this? 
    • To allow for the sharing of Programs and Workouts between Trainers in the business and the creation of personal copies that won't change items for others.
  • Think of this as copying something (i.e., a workout) from where you are to another destination without leaving the page you're on. 
    • For example, copy master workout from your Personal folder into a client’s custom training phase

In this example, an Admin/Owner is copying the "Ab Extreme" workout from one of his training phases to another trainer's Master Workouts Library so they can use that workout also. 



Import feature:

  • Why we created this?  
    • To allow trainers to quickly grab a Program or Workout from another location.
  • When importing, you're in the destination already, so you select where you want to import from and pull the Workout or Program into that destination 
    • For example, import a program from client’s custom program to your Personal folder



Move feature:

  • Why we created this? 
    • To give control to Owners & Admins to reorganize their Programs/Workouts after the migration or if they need to move items between other Trainers.
  • This is a simple tool designed for Admins and the Owner only
  • Can move programs and workouts between folders (Shared, Personal, Browse by Trainer)



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