Master Workouts & Master Programs Libraries

The Master Workouts and Master Programs Libraries are your go-to place for managing training (programs and workouts) for your clients. (Learn more about pre-built Workouts and Programs in Trainerize here). These libraries contain different folders to help you better organize training for your business. 




How do the Shared, My and Browse by Trainer Folders Work? (Within the Master Workout and Master Program Libraries)

We know that as your business continues to grow and scale, so do your needs: like finding ways to create a consistent training experience for clients business-wide regardless of the trainer, or defining your team’s structure and member roles.

The Master Workouts and Master Programs Libraries sections each contain a Shared, Mine and Browse by Trainer folder. With these folders, you can share, borrow or build your way to consistent training experiences while also saving yourself time and getting your clients training faster. This is especially useful for new trainers, whether they're new to the industry or the company, by allowing them to have access to good quality workouts and programming. As a business owner, you can rest assured that all of your clients are getting an excellent training experience no matter what trainer or location. 



  • Items in the Shared folder (workouts and Programs) are added by the owner or admin and can be used by all trainers across the business. Trainers can copy Programs or workouts from the Shared folder to their Mine folder and edit them for their clients without changing the original template created by the owner. 
  • This folder is company-wide intended to share common workouts and programs across the business
  • Who can edit? - Admins and Owners 



  • Contains workouts or Programs built and customized by the account holder
  • This allows you to create your own private workouts or Programs that are no longer shared amongst everyone.
    • You can choose to share them with your team by moving your workout or Program to the Shared folder for everyone to use. 
  • Admins and owners are the only ones that can move workouts or programs built in the Mine folder of a trainer that they wish to share with everyone in the company.


Browse by Trainer

  • Managers (at assigned locations), Owners and Admins can also see the “Browse by Trainer” area where they can view workouts and Programs built by other trainers.
  • Trainers and Shared Trainers cannot view this folder.


Owner_and_Admin_View.png  PROGRAMS_TRAINER_VIEW.png

Owner/Admin/Manager* View                               Regular Trainer/Shared Trainer View

*Managers only for the locations they are assigned to.


Individuals granted Admin or Owner-level roles are be able to:


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