What is an on-demand program and how to build one

What are On-demand Programs?

You can think of On-Demand Programs like a Master Program that has no phases or a pre-built calendar.

On-demand Programs allow your clients to easily access a set amount of workouts and add them to their calendar or complete them whenever they'd like!


How do I build an On-demand Program?

First, navigate to your Master Libraries -> Programs section. Then click New -> Build New to build a new Master Program.


In the new pop-up box, click "On-demand library", enter a title for the program, and select where you want to save the program (Either your Shared Master Programs or Personal Master Programs folder). Now hit Save to save the program.


Once saved, your new On-demand Master Program will appear in the respective folder you've saved it to.

You can then click the On-demand Workouts section below the name of the Program to begin either creating new workouts or importing them from another program or from your Master Workouts Library.

Click New to build a workout from scratch, or click Import to import a pre-built workout from either another Program or your Master Workouts Library.



Once you've imported and/or created the workouts for your On-demand Program, you can now start Subscribing clients to the program! To do so, click Summary & Subscribers and then hit, Add Subscribers.



What Does it Look Like for a Client?

When a client is subscribed to an On-demand Master Program, they will be able to view the selection of workouts you've added to the program from their Programs Page (Kettlebell Icon) on their mobile app.

From here, they can select any of the on-demand workouts listed to begin the workout!


Alternatively, clients can also click the Plus Icon in the bottom right corner of the app to add a workout from their program(s) to their calendar.



When doing this, they will then be prompted to select the Training Program and the workout that they want to add to their calendar.



Once added, it will give the client the option to Start Now to begin the workout.


Additional FAQ:

Q: Can an On-demand Program be a client's Main Program?

A: Yes. Clients can be subscribed to On-demand programs as either a Main or an Add-on program.

Q: Can a client be subscribed to more than one On-demand Program at a time?

A: Yes. On the Multiple Programs Beta, clients can be subscribed to one Main Program and up to additional twenty add-on programs at a time. These programs can be either On-demand or Phased Programs.

Q: Can an On-demand Program be copied to a client's Custom Program?

A: No. Only Phased Program types can be copied to clients' Custom Programs. If you are unsure of when to use a Custom or Master Program, please view our article on the topic here.

Q: I'd like to learn more about creating Phased Programs; where can I find this information?

A: We have a great article that goes over in detail how to create Phased Program types here.

If you have any additional questions about On-demand Programs or any other feature, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Help Desk at: help@trainerize.com.




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