How to duplicate a meal


Adding a new custom meal to your library is quick and easy! Learn more here: How to add a custom meal to your Meals Master Library


There are many reasons why you may want to duplicate a meal. For example, creating a vegetarian or vegan version of a meal for clients that have those dietary restrictions. Or, swapping ingredients to create a meal that's higher in protein or that doesn't include common allergens such as nuts, shellfish, eggs etc. The list goes on! So we've made it easy for you to copy meals and create different versions! In this article we will show you how to copy an existing meal and save it as a brand new one.


1. Start in the Meals tab (located under Master Libraries).



2.  Find the meal you want to duplicate. At the top left of the meal card, select it and then click the duplicate button at the top of the page.



3. Doing so will automatically add a copy of the meal to your library in DRAFT from (this means it's not yet visible to your clients in the Discover tab). More on saving meals as drafts here

       ^ Duplicated copy (draft)                          ^ Original


4. The next step would be to edit that meal. To do so, click anywhere on the meal card, and then select the edit icon.



5. How you choose to edit the meal is up to you but be sure to edit out the "copy" from the meal name and change the title to something relevant. For example, if you duplicated the meal to create a vegetarian version of this chicken salad, the new name might be "Refreshing Tempeh Pasta Salad" 



Once you've made all of the necessary changes and you're ready to share the new recipe with your clients, be sure to select "Publish" before you click SAVE.





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