What are session pack products and how to create them?


When creating a Product for sale, you can create three types: Main, Add-on and Session Packs. In this article, we are covering the Session Pack type in more detail. Refer to the links above for more information on Main vs Add-on products as well as creating Products in general.


Remember, Session Packs are a type of Product. Products are what you create that allow you to sell your unique fitness, nutrition, or any heath and wellness services. 

What really differentiates Session Packs products from Main or Add-on products, is that Session Pack products are strictly just to sell a pack of sessions (known as Appointments in Trainerize).

  • For example, 10 one hour personal training sessions or a nutrition coaching session can be easily sold as a Session Pack. All you're selling and delivering is those 10 sessions. 

However, if you're selling a package or a bundle of services, then Main or Add-on Products come into play.

  • For example, a $500 monthly recurring package may include 3 custom designed workouts for the month, a 15 minute check in call each Sunday, a custom meal plan and it may also include 2 one hour PT sessions in that $500 price. The trainer can include the two sessions and add two paid appointments in the client's calendar just like they can if they sell appointments in a session pack. This product just happens to include PT sessions as well as other services in a bundle. 
  • More information on how to create Main and Add-on Products that include paid appointments to allow session tracking here. 



Here's how to create a Session Pack specific product:


1. On the web, select Payments on the left and then Products




2. Select +Add Product at the top of the page.




3. Select Session Pack from the Type drop-down menu. 



4. Next, fill out the product name, description, attach an image etc as you normally would. The most important thing to remember here is selecting the Appointment type. This step must be done prior to creating the product so you can select the appointment you created for it. More information on creating paid appointments for selling packages here. 



5. Lastly select the pricing options. In the example above, the trainer has chosen to sell 5 sessions for $500 ($100 per session) and 10 sessions for $900 ($90 per session). You don't have to worry about the math per session, simply enter the number of sessions and the total price. Price per session will be calculated for you. 



Session Pack Products are also unique from Main or Add-on products for the following reasons:

  • There is no start or end date, therefore there is also no duration to this product. 
  • This product cannot be added as an upcoming product. Once it’s paid for by the client, it’s marked as Paid (not Active) and the session credits are ready to use right away. 
  • The Product can be paid for as a one time upfront purchase (no recurring option). 
  • The trainer can add up to 10 price options for one session pack product. The client can then choose which pricing option they want to go with. 
    • For example: If you're selling a pack of 1 hour personal training sessions, you can give your clients the option to buy 5 sessions for $500 ($100 per session) or 10 sessions for $900 ($90 per session which means you're giving a 10% discount to clients that are committing to more sessions upfront). 




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