Getting Started with the Pro Custom Branded App (CBA)

Thinking about getting a Pro Custom Branded App (CBA) to enhance your fitness business? This article provides a general overview of the Pro CBA, guiding you through the benefits, requirements, and steps to get started.

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What is a Pro Custom Branded App?

The Pro Custom Branded App is a white-labeled mobile application available for Pro subscription plans. It allows you to provide a personalized and tailored experience for your clients with your brand's theme and logo. 

The Pro CBA is available for both Apple and Android, offering a standalone Google Play store listing and shared ABC Trainerize app store listing. This means that your clients and trainers will download the main ABC Trainerize iOS app, and your branding will be applied upon sign-in. There is no standalone Apple app store listing with the Pro Custom Branded App add-on, only Google. Learn more about this here: Why Doesn't My Pro Custom Branded App Have an Apple App Store Listing?.


Benefits of the Pro Custom Branded App

The Pro Custom Branded App offers numerous benefits to distinguish your fitness brand:

  • Personalized Experience: Provide a more tailored and engaging experience for your clients. 
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out from other businesses that don't offer a branded fitness app and offer a world-class experience for your clients.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase your brand's visibility with a personalized look and feel, featuring your brand's logo and theme!
  • Cost-Effective: Save the cost of developing your own app! The ABC Trainerize team handles the creation and launch from start to finish, for a one-time fee.


What will my branded app look like?

The Pro Custom Branded App includes customizations to:

  • Mobile App icon: A unique icon on the mobile home screen (left image)
  • Launch Page/Welcome Screen: A personalized splash page with your logo and chosen image (middle image)
  • Mobile Top Bar: A branded top bar featuring your logo (right image)
  • Favicon: A custom favicon for the web version of your app
  • App Store Listings:
    • iOS: Clients download the main ABC Trainerize app, with branding applied upon login
    • Android: A unique listing in the Google Play Store


For a detailed breakdown of what's included in your branded app, visit: Pro Custom Branded App- Features and Expectations

Note: This Custom branding will provide you with your own unique app listing in the Google play store. IOS iPhone users will still download Trainerize, however, when they log in, your branded assets will be applied.


What do I need to get a Pro Custom Branded App?

To get a Pro CBA, you will need:

  • An active Pro subscription plan
  • A high-resolution logo
  • A high-quality launch screen (background) image 
  • A credit card for the one-time $99 USD fee

Steps to Get a Pro Custom Branded App

1. Purchase the Pro Custom Branded App add-on

  • Ensure you have an active Pro plan subscription (Note: the Pro CBA is not available on 30-day trial, free or Grow plans).
  • Purchase the add-on for a one-time fee of $99 USD within your ABC Trainerize web account. For instructions on how to purchase the add-on, visit: Pro Custom Branded App: How to Purchase the Add-on.

2. Prepare your Branding Assets

  • Gather your high-resolution logos and launch screen image.
  • You will need a few different variations of your logo for different app locations. Follow the guidelines for image specifications provided in our help article: Pro Custom Branded App: Preparing Assets for Your App.

3. Submit your Assets

  • Use the in-app web publisher to upload your app assets and submit the required information. Please ensure you have followed the asset requirements above before uploading to the publisher.
  • Detailed instructions on how to submit your assets within the web publisher can be found here: Pro Custom Branded App: Using the Publisher to Submit Your Request.

4. Review and Approval

  • Ensure that everything looks perfect and submit your customized app for approval. 
  • Our team will review your submission to ensure it meets the guidelines. You will be contacted if there are any issues with your submission.

5. App Publishing

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