Auto-Archive Clients with Expired Products


Trainerize makes managing your clients and memberships easy! We help you organize your clients by archiving those who are no longer training with you. We don’t delete the client profiles, in case they come back, but we tuck them neatly out of the way. We also manage client permissions and app access so you don’t have to! 


How does it work?

Once a client’s active fitness product expires, if there are no pending purchases, they are automatically archived instantly removing their access to the app. This opens up spots in your account for new clients. To keep clients training longer without any breaks in their app access, you can queue upcoming products, automatically switching clients onto their new product when their previous one ends. 


You can control your options for Auto-Archive in "My Account" > "Auto Messages and Events" under the "When a client's active product expires" section. 



You can also view whether your Auto-Archive option is on or off in the "Purchase History" section under "Payments" 

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