How to manually import clients from MINDBODY to Trainerize

*** Connecting to MINDBODY is available only for Studio and Enterprise plans. ***


With the new MINDBODY integration for Trainerize, you'll get access to powerful automation features designed to help you do more in less time and deliver amazing client/member onboarding experiences.

You can use automation to instantly deliver a digital program, assign clients/members to a trainer, add them to groups, and more. It's up to you what actions you'd like to automate for each of the contracts you sync between MINDBODY and Trainerize.

Once set up, whenever a client or member purchases that contract, they'll be instantly imported into Trainerize, and the automation will kick in. However, if you'd like to manually import clients from MINDBODY to Trainerize, follow the steps below. 


In this article we will go over: 

1. How to manually import clients from MINDBODY to Trainerize

2. Disable Client Management (editing client information)


How to manually import clients from MINDBODY to Trainerize


Once you connect your MINDBODY account to Trainerize, you can manually import your existing MINDBODY clients.

First, go to the Clients tab and click on the dropdown arrow next to the + NEW button and choose the From MINDBODY option as shown below:



Choose the clients you want to import to Trainerize by selecting the checkbox next to their name and clicking Import at the bottom of the pop-up dialogue. 



Next, you will be prompted to assign them to a trainer and a location as well as other account options. When you click Import and Send Invite, those clients will automatically receive an Invitation Email with a link to setup their profile and download the mobile app.




Disable Client Management (editing client information)

As an owner, you have the ability to choose whether or not client information for clients imported from MINDBODY to Trainerize can be edited or not.


You can find this permission under Settings > Permissions.




If you choose to select the disable managing clients options, you will have the option to select "type and name" or "type, name, phone and email". This means you will not be able to edit those fields in Trainerize. With this option turned on, you can still edit client profiles in MINDBODY and see the changes reflected in Trainerize, but you cannot make changes in Trainerize that will then reflect in MINDBODY. 


If you do not select disable managing clients, then owners and admins will be able to edit a client's type, name, phone or email in Trainerize and as a result those changes will be pushed to MINDBODY.






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