How to Set Up High-Touch/Low-Volume Training Services with the MINDBODY Integration

 *** Connecting to MINDBODY is available only for Studio and Enterprise plans. ***

One of the best ways to help clients achieve their goals is to offer custom-tailored and highly personalized programming, also known as high-touch/low-volume training. While this style of training can take a significant amount of time and energy on the part of a trainer, that effort is often accompanied by a higher price, allowing fitness professionals to bring in more revenue from only a small number of clients. 

With the MINDBODY integration for Trainerize, setting up and selling high-touch/low-volume training has never been easier.


Follow the steps below to learn how to set up and sell high-touch/low-volume training services with the MINDBODY integration for Trainerize: 


First, navigate to your MINDBODY account and start by creating a new contract.

To make a contract click on Home > Services and Pricing > Contracts > Add Contract



Creating a new contract:

1. Name the contract



2. Choose the contract items. These are the items that will be included in your contract (i.e., the services you will provide to a customer who purchases that contract from you). Next, set the price and billing style.

We recommend using classes to create and sell high-touch/low-volume training services.

Make sure to set the price appropriately. In this case, we're looking to create a product with a higher price point that you'll be selling to a smaller and more specific group of clients. It's up to you how much you charge for your services. There is no correct answer when it comes to pricing so we recommend trying a few different options over time to see which works best for your business and your target clients or members.



3. Assign classes to the contract: (Here you can choose an existing one or add a new item). The contract is what we will be syncing to Trainerize itself.



4. When adding a new class make sure to fill out the appropriate options here such as service category, when it expires, the number of sessions, the price and the payment options.



Next, modify the contract options and add agreement terms. With terms of the agreement, we recommend putting in as much detail as possible about the product, cancellation process for your business, and any other details that may be appropriate for clients to know when purchasing from you.



Once you've done that, head back to Trainerize MINDBODY integration page and click "Add Contract Type" or, if you haven't added any contracts yet, click the blue button marked "Add Contract".



In the next dialog, you'll see a list of the existing contracts in your MINDBODY account for each of the locations you've synced with Trainerize.

Check off the contracts you want to sync then hit "Finish".



Your contracts are now synced with Trainerize. You're ready to start selling your high-touch/low-volume training services!

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