How to create an Appointment or Class Type


Event types will allow you to categorize your appointments/classes and create different types such as an online assessment, consultation, coaching call, a PT session, and optionally turn on Video Calls for virtual class training and more! 


1. You can create new appointments under Settings > Event Types > Group/Classes Tab OR 1-on-1 Appointments Tab. 



2. Next, fill in the information in the pop-up dialogue:

  • Name - will be visible to your clients
  • Duration - choose between 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 minutes
  • The number of clients (Group Sessions) 
  • Type of Appointment - Select whether the appointment/class is in person or through the app (virtual video call).
  • Options - can select whichever apply
    • Require session credit (Paid appointments)
    • Allow clients to cancel or reschedule
    • Show availability calendar client to self-book


Group Classes/Appointments: 


  • Note: For group classes, you can select an image tile for your class from the UnSplash image library (hit the search more button) OR upload your own image.  

1-On-1 Appointment: 



3. When you're done, click ADD.


Trainerize Tip: Setting a booking window for all event types is a great way to forecast your schedule, business needs, and client demand for classes! 

    • The booking window is defined by the minimum hours (before a class starts) the client can book and the maximum number of weeks in advance the client can book the event type. 

How to set the booking window for your all even types (classes, group appointments, and 1-on-1 appointments): 




Click Set Clients Booking Window > Pop-up will appear > Select Minimum hours and Maximum weeks > Hit the Blue SAVE button: 




Added an appointment/class type and now want to make changes? Here's what you can and cannot edit after saving an appointment: How to edit Appointment Types (and what gets grandfathered)




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