Pro Custom Branded App: Using the Publisher to Submit Your Request

Once you have purchased your Pro Custom Branded App, you will provide us with your artwork and brand assets so we can apply the branding and publish your mobile app. This will be done directly within our web publisher on your ABC Trainerize web account. Follow this article for detailed steps on using the web publisher to submit your request.

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What Do I Need to Get Started?

You will need to have the following artwork and information to submit your Pro Custom Branded App request to the web publisher: 

  • Your Trainerize email address
  • App Name and Description
    • This is for Android devices only.
    • For iOS devices, your app is housed under ABC Trainerize and is called "Fitness App". Your branding will be applied upon login. More information on this can be found here.
    • Alphanumeric only (letters and numbers, no special characters like &, ` + etc. They will be removed)
    • No lists or bullet points can be in your description
  • Mobile app icon
    • A simplified version of your logo for the mobile home screen
  • Top bar icon
    • Displays on the top bar inside your mobile app
  • Launch Image for your Welcome Screen
    • No logos or text
    • No nude/semi-nude or topless trainers/models
    • No cleavage and models in sports bras, underwear, bikinis, etc. 
  • A Hex Colour
    • A shade of this color will be used over your launch image and top mobile color
  • A Top Bar Theme 

Ensure that your images are high-quality and high-resolution. For more information on the formatting and requirements of the assets and how to prepare them for uploading, please read our article: Pro Custom Branded App - Preparing assets for your app.


How to Submit Your Request

Step 1: Go to Publisher

After purchasing the Pro Custom Branded App add-on, click Go to Publisher under the Add-ons > Custom Branded App section of your ABC Trainerize web account. This takes you to the interactive app publisher where you can build your Custom Branded App. It's a completely self-guided process to help you upload your brand assets and artwork, preview how your app will look, and submit your app for publication.



Step 2: Review Requirements

Before clicking Start, be sure to review the requirements of your assets: 



Step 3: App Details

The first step in the publisher is to enter your App Name (30 characters or less) and Description (maximum 4000 characters). Click Next when completed.




Note: Your app will have its own listing in the Google Play Store for Android devices, with your chosen name and description. For iOS devices, it will be the Trainerize app, called “Fitness App”. There are no exceptions. This cannot be modified.


Step 4: Submit App Icon

Upload your mobile app icon and select a background color. You will see a preview of how your icon will appear when the app is downloaded to a mobile device. Click Next when you are done.



Step 5: Customize Top Bar

Upload your top bar logo and select a background color for your top bar. Click Next when you are done.



Step 6: Customize Launch Screen

Upload your launch screen photo, launch screen logo, and select a launch screen color. This is the color that will overlay over your launch screen. Click Next when you are done.



Step 7: Final Check and Submit

Review all your entries and click Submit. Be advised that once submitted, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your artwork or details, so ensure your details are correct before submitting.



When you click Save, a pop-up dialogue will appear confirming your submission:



What Happens Next? 

Once your artwork has been submitted, the process takes up to 8 weeks depending on the volume of requests. This timeline cannot be altered or changed. 

You can track the progress of your app on your web account under Add-ons > Custom Branded App. Below are the different publication statuses:

Info Received. In Processing Queue:

  • Your application is queued for review by our Custom Branded App team
  • Our team reviews each app in order of submission.


Publishing in progress:

  • Your app has been submitted to the app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) for review.
  • This process can take some time to complete. 


Your App is Live:

  • Your Custom Branded App is now live! 
  • You will receive an email notification that your app is live. Within the email, you can notify clients of your new app.
  • Copy the app links to your social media or marketing campaigns.
  • For more details on your app once it's live, visit: Pro Custom Branded App: How to Download Your App Once It's Live 



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