Product Automation - Automating Content Delivery and Meal Plan PDFs on Purchase of a Product

Accepting payments with Trainerize Pay allows you to seamlessly automate your operation to scale. You can quickly subscribe a client to a master program, copy a program into a client's custom program directly, or attach a meal plan PDF for any Main Product.

With Product Automation, you can set these automations to occur on either the client's First Purchase or the Product Start date. 


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Automate Content Delivery

  1. On the web app, visit Payments -> Products
  2. Create or edit a Product and click "Set Up Automation"


  3. Choose how to deliver your content

Please Note: In order for programs to show up in the 'select a program' dropdown list they must be in the Master Programs -> Shared Folder.


First Purchase:

First Purchase automation will run for new clients purchasing their first product. Any automation you've set up under this option will run immediately once the client has purchased and paid for their product.



Product Starts:

Product Starts automation will run for both new and existing clients on the selected start date for the product.Product_Automation_Product_start.png

The product start date is decided by either:

a.) Manually selling the product to a client, or

b.) The "When client self-Purchase, product starts on" option for the Product. This setting applies to clients who will either be self-purchasing your product via Product/Checkout Links or via your

Automate Attach a Meal Plan PDF

  1. On the web app, visit Payments -> Products
  2. Create or edit a Product and click "Set Up Automation"
  3. Attach your meal plan PDF


Note: You can only assign one Meal Plan PDF per client.

Automate Content Delivery (Multiple Programs Beta)

We've recently introduced the ability to have clients subscribed to multiple programs at a time! To enable your Multiple Programs Beta, please go to Add-ons -> Integrations -> Beta -> Stacking multiple programs -> Enable. 

Important Note: This beta feature is one way. Once enabled, you will not be able to disable it! Throughout the beta, your account will automatically update to the newest version (including the final release).

Please also note that the Multiple Programs feature is currently in beta testing and is still being actively developed. Some features may not work as intended and certain logic may change before the final release.


With the Multiple Programs Beta, we have also updated and expanded the Product Automation options for your Trainerize products!

What Has Changed?

Many of the Product Automation options and logic remain the same (Attaching a Meal Plan, Assigning a Client to a Trainer, Changing Client Type, Tagging the Client, and Copying a Program to a Client's Custom Program). However, there are some key differences which we will outline below.

One of the primary differences is you will now notice that you can use product automation to subscribe clients to Master Programs with both Main Products as well as Add-on Products. Previously, you were only able to subscribe clients to Master Programs using Main Products. If you would like to read more on the difference between Main and Add-on Products, please view the article on the subject here.

In the Multiple Programs Beta, there are now three ways to subscribe your clients to Master Programs.

  1. Subscribing Clients to a Main Program

  2. Subscribing Clients to Add-on Programs

  3. Subscribing to Clients to Add-on Programs via Groups

To get started, open up one of your Products and go to "Set Up Automation"


1. Subscribing Clients to a Main Program:

With the Multiple Programs Beta, we have introduced the concept of a Main Program. Think of the Main Program as the client's primary training program.

While clients can be subscribed to multiple Add-on Programs (discussed shortly), clients can only be subscribed to one Main Program at a time.

When setting up Product Automation, the Product Type itself must be a Main Product to select the "Subscribe to Main Program" option.

Please Note: If you have set up both First Purchase and Product Starts automation to subscribe a client to a Main Program, the day the Product is set to start, the Main Program they were subscribed to when they first purchased the product will be overwritten by the Product Starts automation. In this case, it's usually best to choose one of First Purchase, or Product Starts automation, but not both.


2. Subscribing Clients to Add-on Programs

You will also notice that there is now the option to Subscribe to Add-on Program. This new feature allows clients to be subscribed to multiple Master Programs as Add-On Programs in addition to their Main Program. This is one way you will be able to subscribe clients to multiple programs by using Product Automation.

Think of Add-on Programs as programs that might supplement their Main Program (such as mobility, warm-ups, at-home workouts, etc). You can get creative with your Add-on Programs and use them however you would like! 

When building the Product Automation, you can subscribe a client to up to three additional Add-on Programs on either or both First Purchase and Product Starts automation, for a total of six Add-on Programs.


3. Subscribing to Clients to Add-on Programs via Groups:

You can also subscribe clients to Add-on Programs by having Product Automation set up to have the client Join Group(s) that have Attached Master Programs.

Previously, Master Programs attached to Groups would become the client's Main and only Master Program; however, we've now made it so any Group with an attached Master Program will subscribe any client added to the group to the program as an Add-on Program instead.

This opens up even more opportunities to have clients subscribed to various programs and groups with no need to worry about it overwriting their Main Program!

You can have clients join up to Three Groups with both First Purchase and Product Starts Automation, totaling six possible Groups and Add-on programs per product.


Final Breakdown:

Here are how many programs you can subscribe Clients to with a single Product using Product Automation in the Multiple Programs Beta:

Main Program (One Total)

  • Using either First Purchase or Product Starts -> Subscribe to Main Program.
  • If both First Purchase and Product Start automation are used to subscribe a client to a Main Program, the Product Start automation will overwrite the First Purchase automation.

Add-on Programs (12 Total):

  • Subscribe to Add-on Program (Six)
    • Three via First Purchase  -> Subscribe to Add-on Program
    • Three via Product Starts -> Subscribe to Add-on Program
  • Join Group (Six)
    • Three via First Purchase -> Join Group
    • Three via Product Starts -> Join Group


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