How to Access Pre-built Workouts and Programs in the Trainerize Content Libraries


Trainerize Content Libraries are especially great if you’re new to Trainerize or are just getting started building programs and workouts!


Instead of an empty app, you have access to ready-to-edit content that highlights all the different types of workouts you can build in Trainerize and shows you how you to create comprehensive periodized training programs.


Whether you use them as inspiration or as a template to edit, your Master Program and Master Workout Libraries will soon be full! Although these workouts and programs are ready to use right away, we recommend that you take the time to look them over and edit them to reflect your own training style, or the needs of your clients. 


Trainerize Workout Library

To access the Trainerize Workout Library, head into the Master Workouts tab of your account and click “Browse Trainerize Workout Library” at the top of the page.


From there, you can browse through more than 20 pre-built workouts, assessments, warm-ups, and cool-downs. Once you've decided on the workout you want to select, click the "Import" drop-down menu and select either Shared Workouts or Personal Workouts to import the workout to.
(Click here to learn more about the Shared and Personal folders)


Each workout includes a description with details on what’s included so you can see at a glance if that is the workout you need. You can also import the workout to your Shared or Personal folder from this page. Trainerize_workout_preview.png



Trainerize Program Library

To find the Trainerize Programs Library, open the Master Programs tab in your account, click the “Add New” button, and select “Browse Traineirze Library” from the drop-down.



Once inside the library, you can choose from 20+ programs and challenges to use as a starting point for your training. Once you've decided on the program you want to select, click the "Import" drop-down menu and select either Shared Programs or Personal Programs to import the workout to.



Each program includes a description with details on what’s included so you can see at a glance if the program is right for your clients. 


Please note: the program descriptions are meant for the trainer to understand what the program includes. They can be used for your clients, however, they are written for trainers, so it's a good idea change up some parts so they make more sense for your clients. 


You can also import the program to your Shared or Personal folder from this page. Once you've imported the programs to your library, you can treat them as your own or choose to edit them to reflect the needs of your clients. You can either subscribe the program to your clients or copy it to their profile. 



Next steps? Time to sell! 

Using Trainerize Pay you can quickly create a product using the programs you imported and share them with your clients! All of the workouts and programs in the library are built so that all they need is a few small tweaks and they’re ready to use or sell. It’s the fastest way to build and deliver training.



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