How to Edit Site-Wide Auto-Messages

To deliver a personalized experience for all your clients and keep them motivated and on track (whether you train them online, in-person, or both) you can add an auto-message to any day in the calendar.


You can automatically send your clients various Automated In-app Messages to help reinforce client use, help with accountability, support and encourage and some general reminders. From here you can either turn these "On" or "Off" by way of the button to the right. By default these are "On". 

 To customize any of the in-app auto-messages:

  • Click "Customize" (blue text beside On/Off button)
  • A dialogue box will appear
  • Customize the Body of the message
  • You can insert "Auto-Fields" by clicking on "First Name" and/or "Last Name" to insert these into the body of your Welcome E-mail. You will see {firstName} or {lastName} when they are inserted. This will automatically insert your client's First and/or Last name into the body of the email where they are placed when the email is sent to a client.
  • Click "Save"

(Note: The Body of the messages we provide can be fully customized. We suggest you read through each one carefully to ensure that you make adjustments to fit your business process. These contain example text.)

Click on the link below to download the PARQ form. 

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