How to Create and Send Workouts to a Client

You can create " Workout Templates" in your own library that you can then send to individual Clients OR you can create a new workout directly from within a Clients account. Once you setup your client's training phase by adding workout templates, they can access it on their Smartphone, or login and print it out from the online site. 

Sending workouts to a client's library

  • Navigate to Mega-Menu dropdown at top left >  Workout Templates
  • Click on the checkbox next to the workout that you wish to send
  • Click "Copy"
  • Type in the name of the client you wish to send to
  • Drag and drop all of the workouts you wish to send - if there are more than the one you initially clicked
  • Click 'Copy'
  • If you wish to make minor adjustments, you can navigate to the client's library, and edit the workout. The changes you make will not affect your main template

Building a workout from within a client's library, from scratch

  1. Navigate to Mega-Menu > Clients, pick a client and press 'Switch into'
  2. In the client's account, go to Training Phase
  3. Within the training phase, click "Build New Workout", and build a new workout 

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