How to Add a Logo and Color Theme to Your ABC Trainerize Web Account

To give your ABC Trainerize web account a personalized touch, make sure to upload your business logo! Your logo will appear when you log into your web account, as a favicon in your web browser, and on your client invoices! You can also choose a theme that aligns with your branding. 

Important note: The following steps apply only to your web account and not to the ABC Trainerize mobile app. For information on customizing your mobile app, refer to What is an ABC Trainerize Custom Branded App (CBA)?

Uploading a Logo and Choosing a Web Theme

  1. Login to your ABC Trainerize web account
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Branding and Logo section 
  3. Choose between the "Light" or "Dark" theme options for your logo background. Pick a theme that best complements your logo! 
  4. Drag and drop your logo into the upload area. A crop tool will appear. Adjust the bounding box around your image to crop as tightly as possible without cutting off part of your logo. Click "Crop" to save.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 4.07.04 PM.png

The allowable size for the a logo is 928 x 240 pixels at 72dpi. For best results, your logo should be formatted as a PNG. The maximum file size is 5MB.


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