Important information regarding shortcuts and links for clients (Studio/Enterprise only)

With Studio/Enterprise level custom branded apps, you now have the ability to add up to 8 shortcuts on the dashboard and links in the more section to external webpages and resources, or drop a PDF directly in that spot. Learn more here: Adding dashboard shortcuts and links to your app for clients


It is important that you do not add any upsell links to sell digital products within your app or your app can get rejected. 


As their developer terms change frequently, always refer to Apple's Guidelines and Google's Guidelines for the most updated copy text what can be included. A quick summary is provided below.



What links are allowed and what are not?

In general, any physical product consumed outside of the app are allowed. Examples include:

  • physical products like supplements and t-shirts
  • gym memberships
  • additional recurring services (like tanning, child-care services)
  • in-person PT session packs
  • class session packs

In-app purchases of digital products are allowed, but payments must go through the Apple/Google store in-app payments, which Apple/Google will take a 15% cut. These are paid out separately into your Apple/Google developer accounts.

What we recommend is to follow Netflix's or Spotify's model to do all your sign-ups or transactions on the web app via sharing a product link or building free product landing page and sending it to your  client via message or e-mail containing the conversion link. 

If you read the Apple's Guidelines and Google's Guidelines, you are not allowed to link to an external payment page to buy these products with alternate payments methods(like Visa/Mastercard) are used. Examples include:

  • links to your Shopify shop to purchase a digital coaching product
  • links to a Paypal checkout page to buy a nutrition coaching add-on
  • links to a Stripe page to purchase a subscription to unlock training programs
  • links to your Trainerize checkout page to join a digital fitness challenge
  • links to ABC or MINDBODY to pay for virtual class packs

These are not hard and fast rules and depends on the reviewer looking over your app and their interpretation of the app store guidelines. 



What happens when my app is rejected?

If your app is rejected, our team will contact you informing you of this and work together with your to resolve the rejection according to the changes as requested by Apple or Google.

The resolution type and timeframe depends on the individual reviewer, what types of changes Apple/Google is requesting for. Typically it takes many weeks to move your case through the Apple judgement process.




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