What is the Discover tab?


The Discover tab allows your clients and members to access a library of meals to get inspired, try new recipes, and easily track them in the app! This lets you add and share your own tried and true meals with your clients to make healthy eating simple and fun!

The Discover tab is only available with the Advanced Nutrition Coaching add-on. To learn more about the add-on, please see: Advanced Nutrition Coaching


How can my clients access the Discover tab? 

When clients are assigned the In-app Meal Workflow (either Full meal tracking OR Meal photos) they will have access to the Discover tab on the mobile app. Further steps are outlined below.



1. The first step is to accessing the Discover tab is to follow the steps to add a meal by tapping on the plus sign at the bottom of the app. Next, select Meal.



2. Next, tap Discover at the bottom right of the screen.



3. Here, the client will see a library of recipes that they can view. Please note, tapping anywhere on the meal will open up the meal to view the ingredients, prep time, instructions etc. In order to track a meal, the client must tap specifically on the circle at the top right to select, and then on Add.



4. The meal will appear in the clients Calendar as well as under THINGS TO DO TODAY on their Dash.




Please note:

With our Advanced Nutrition Coaching add-on, the Discover tab will always be visible to clients if they have the in-app Full Meal Tracking or Meal Photos options assigned to their profile. If you've assigned a meal plan to your client using the Smart Meal Planner and don't want them to track other meals from the Discover tab, you'll need to let them know to avoid any confusion. Perhaps they can view the Discover tab as a bank of recipes for inspiration in the future, but remind them that their meal plan is the priority at this time. 



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