What is an on-demand program and how to build one

What are On-demand Programs?

You can think of On-Demand Programs like a Master Program that has no phases or a pre-built calendar.

On-demand Programs allow your clients to easily access a set amount of workouts and add them to their calendar or complete them whenever they'd like!


How do I build an On-demand Program?

  • First, navigate to your Master Libraries -> Programs section. Then click New -> Build New to build a new Master Program.


  • In the new pop-up box, click "On-demand library", enter a title for the program, and select where you want to save the program (Either your Shared Master Programs or Personal Master Programs folder). Now hit Save to save the program.


  • Once saved, your new On-demand Master Program will appear in the respective folder you've saved it to.

  • You can then click the On-demand Workouts section below the name of the Program to begin either creating new workouts or importing them from another program or from your Master Workouts Library.

  • Click New to build a workout from scratch, or click Import to import a pre-built workout from either another Program or your Master Workouts Library.



  • Once you've imported and/or created the workouts for your On-demand Program, you can now start Subscribing clients to the program! To do so, click Summary & Subscribers and then hit, Add Subscribers.



What Does it Look Like for a Client?

When a client is subscribed to an On-demand Master Program, they will be able to view the selection of workouts you've added to the program from their Programs Page (Kettlebell Icon) on their mobile app.

  • Once they click the kettle bell icon, they can select any of the on-demand workouts listed to begin the workout!


  • Alternatively, clients can also click the Plus Icon in the bottom right corner of the app to add a workout from their program(s) to their calendar.

Screenshot_20220412-104904__1_.png    Screenshot_20220412-110344.png

  • When doing this, they will then be prompted to select the Training Program and the workout that they want to add to their calendar.

Screenshot_20220412-110420.png.   Screenshot_20220412-110434.png

Once added, it will give the client the option to Start Now to begin the workout.


Additional FAQ:

Q: Can an On-demand Program be a client's Main Program?

A: Yes. Clients can be subscribed to On-demand programs as either a Main or an Add-on program.

Q: Can a client be subscribed to more than one On-demand Program at a time?

A: Yes. On the Multiple Programs Beta, clients can be subscribed to one Main Program and up to additional twenty add-on programs at a time. These programs can be either On-demand or Phased Programs.

Q: Can an On-demand Program be copied to a client's Custom Program?

A: No. Only Phased Program types can be copied to clients' Custom Programs. If you are unsure of when to use a Custom or Master Program, please view our article on the topic here.

Q: I'd like to learn more about creating Phased Programs; where can I find this information?

A: We have a great article that goes over in detail how to create Phased Program types here.

If you have any additional questions about On-demand Programs or any other feature, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Help Desk at: help@trainerize.com.




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