What are Client Types and How to Change Them

Having client types makes it easier for trainers to manage and control client access. There are three client types: Full Access, Full Access 1 way messages, and Offline. 


Full Access: The client can sign into the app with access to everything and with two way messaging with trainer. Choosing this option will automatically send the client an Invitation Email to download the app.


Full Access 1 way messaging: Clients can sign into the app with access to everything but they cannot message their trainer, only the trainer can send messages to the client if they wish to but the client cannot reply back. Choosing this option will send the client an Invitation Email.


Offline: No sign-in app access. Clients will not be able to login to the app but they will show up in a trainer's client list and take up a client seat that counts towards an account's client numbers. Trainers will be able to track the client's workouts, progress etc for in-person training but the client will not see any of this. This option will NOT send the client an Invitation Email.


Assigning a Client Type to a Client

You will first have the chance to select a client type when you manually add a client to your business. 



You can also select a client type based on products you are selling. In this case, any client that purchases this product will be added as a Full Access client with 1 way messaging.




Changing a Client Type

Here is how to edit the a client type once the client has been added already. 


Changing the Client Type for an Individual Client

1. Click on the client's name in the Clients tab and then select the menu at the top right of the client Profile Card. Next, select Change Client Type.



2. Select the new client type and click Assign.



Changing the Client Type for Multiple Clients

1. Select multiple clients within the client page then select the three dot drop down menu and select Change client type.




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