Studio Custom Branded App - Frequently Asked Questions


Please see some common Frequently Asked Questions below:

I upgraded to a Studio plan from a Pro plan - what additional features do I get?

  • We are so excited that you have grown your business! The Studio Custom App has more customizable features than Pro. The Pro customization is more focused on branding, versus Studio has more customizable features our team will work with you to develop. 

Why do I have to create Developer Accounts for Apple and/or Google?

  • Trainerize cannot create the accounts on your behalf, as the Developer Accounts need to be directly under your business entity for the App(s) to be published. In order for the Apps to be listed under your business, they cannot be created by Trainerize. 

Can I just have an Apple App/Android App - Do I need to have both Apps?

  • Yes. Our mission is to Make Fitness Accessible. In order to accomplish this, we will need to create Apps for both devices. Some of your clients will have Apple devices, while others will have Android devices; there will even be some with both! In order for your clients to be able to access your App and help you generate more business, we will have to create apples under both Apple and Google. 

How long does the process take? How soon can I have my App ready and live for my clients?

  • Typically, we can get this done in 4-6 business weeks. This range is dependent on when your Developer Accounts are created and when Trainerize has been added as Admins. Additionally, time is spent on the design process and getting it approved. Lastly, there may be rejections from Apple and/or Google that we will have to dispute that will cause a delay in your App live date. Common rejections are:
    • Proof of ownership required
    • Proof of trademark required for App name

We suggest you keep these documents available so as to help with the turnaround time. Trainerize will assist in the process of disputing/claims. 

Will I get any updates or previews of my App?

  • Yes. Both your Onboarding Specialist and a member of our Custom Branded App Team will keep you updated on the status of your Studio Custom Branded App. You will be provided with a preview of your App before we publish it, and you can approve the design.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us. Our team is always here to help!


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