Troubleshooting: Why can't my client see their program/workouts?

You have created a program for a client and subscribed them to it, but they mention they are having difficulty accessing the program or its workouts. In this article, we will discuss a few potential reasons why this could be happening. 

1. Program visibility (Trainer vs Client):

As a trainer, you can see your client's entire program:

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Clients, however, can only see their current training phase:

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This allows you to control what your clients see and deliver content to them over time.

For example, if your client's training phase doesn't start until Tuesday, they will see their workouts Tuesday morning at 12:00 am in their local timezone.

Example 1:

If you set up a 4-week program with weekly training phase (4 phases of 1 week) your client will see: 

Week 1: 1st training phase workouts in the 'Kettlebell' icon tab

Week 2: Any workouts tracked in week 1 on the calendar + 2nd training phase workouts in the 'Kettlebell' icon tab

Week 3: Any workouts tracked in week 1 & 2 on the calendar + 3rd training phase workouts in the 'Kettlebell' icon tab

Week 4: Any workouts tracked in week 1, 2 & 3  on the calendar + 4th training phase workouts in the Kettlebell' icon tab


Example 2:

If you set up a 4-week program with 1 training phase (1 phase of 4 weeks) your client will see: 

Week 1-4: All workouts in the 1st training phase in the 'Kettlebell' icon tab


Note that the above example pertains to a Phased program. On-demand programs, on the other hand, do not have training phases. Therefore, clients can view and access all workouts in the on-demand program at once. 


2. Workouts not Scheduled on the Calendar

After building a program, you can choose to schedule workouts onto the program calendar. Scheduled workouts will appear on the client's mobile app dashboard.  This allows you to prompt clients to complete workouts on specific days. 

For assistance with scheduling workouts/activities on the calendar, please refer to: How do I setup a Client's Calendar?


It's important to note that workouts do not have to be scheduled for clients to access their program. When subscribed to a program, clients can view the program (and workouts) within the Kettlebell icon on their app. They can then view, schedule, and complete the workouts on any day they wish. 

Scheduling workouts on the client's calendar (or Master Program calendar), simply prompts clients to complete their workouts on a specific day. Workouts scheduled by a trainer also count towards workout compliance


3. Calendar Visibility

If you have scheduled workouts on a program calendar, ensure your client's calendar visibility is set up correctly. By default, clients will be able to view one week of their scheduled calendar events. You have the flexibility to adjust this calendar look-ahead setting for a specific client, from one week up to eight weeks, or follow the entire training phase.

For assistance with changing calendar visibility, refer to: Managing client calendar visibility (individual and company wide)

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