How to Create Metabolic Conditioning Workouts

When creating a workout in Trainerize, there are three types you can choose from: Regular, Circuit, and Interval.

Metabolic conditioning workouts that incorporate high intensity bursts of activity followed by short durations of rest are best suited to the "Interval" type workout. 

Interval type workouts allow you to set a predefined time for the work and rest of your workouts, allowing you to create Tabata and HIIT style workouts with ease. 

Step 1: Select Interval As Your Workout Type

Click the "Build New" button to bring up the workout builder, either from the Master Workouts page or from within the training phase of a program you are creating.

Choose "Interval" as the type of workout you'd like to create.


Step 2: Drag and drop the exercises and rest

Drag and drop your preferred exercises from the library on the right side of the builder into the workout on the left side of the workout builder. After dropping in an exercise you will likely want to add a corresponding rest, as metabolic workouts typically rely on a work to rest ratio. 


Step 3: Group exercises and rests into "Blocks"

Every exercise in an "Interval" style workout will have a timer assigned to it. You can change the amount of time the client should do the exercise before taking a rest.

The rest timer can also be changed to suit the work to rest ratio you prefer. 

Click the checkboxes beside an exercise and the rest you added below, then click the "Group" button at the top of the builder. 

You can group an exercise and it's accompanying rest for the number of rounds you prefer. For instance, you can create a Tabata block by grouping air squats for 20 seconds together with rest for 10 seconds and choosing to repeat it for 8 rounds total. 


Add rest times between blocks

You will likely want to give your clients some extra rest between each block of exercises to catch their breath and grab a quick drink of water. 

To do so, simply click the "Rest" button on the top right of the builder, then drag into place between the blocks and adjust the rest time accordingly.

When your workout is finished, click the blue "Save" button on the top right of the builder.


How will it look for your client?

When your client starts an "Interval" type workout (metabolic workout), their phone will count down from 10 to 1, then begin the first exercise of the workout. Each exercise will be timed, followed by a timed amount of rest you have specified. 


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