How Can Clients Track Their Nutrition?

Trainerize supports the coach's preferred workflow of nutrition coaching:

  • Habit coaching with nutrition habits
  • Accountability by simple photo journaling (easiest and lowest barrier to entry, in-app only) 
  • Calorie counting (more accurate, in-app or external meal tracker)
  • Tracking of full macros (most accurate but highest effort, in-app or external meal tracker)

You can monitor your clients nutrition by having them track their meals simply in-app or by asking them to integrate their favourite nutrition tracking apps.


In-App Meal Photo Journaling or Full Meal Tracking

Also Trainerize has a built-in food tracker so you do not need to connect any other apps.

Learn more about the 2 methods here:

Using an external meal tracker integration 

We also integrate with both the FitBit app and Myfitnesspal app. Once your client has synced either of those accounts to their Trainerize account, calories and macronutrients will be updated and displayed on their Trainerize account seamlessly any time they log a meal.





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