Embedding discount codes in payment links

When sharing links to your Trainerize Pay products, there may be times where you want to include discount codes with them (e.g. a Black Friday promotion).

Generate the payment link

In Payments, go to the Products page.


On the right side, open the link dropdown and click on one of the following options to generate a payment link:

  • Copy Product Link: This link shows a preview of the product before purchasing
  • Copy Checkout Link: This link goes directly to the checkout dialog for the product

After selecting one of these options, paste the generated link in a text editor as we will need this link later.


Choose a discount code

In Payments, go to the Discount Codes page.


Find the Discount Code you want to use with the payment link. Copy and paste the code (e.g. FITBODY2019) into the same location where you stored the payment link.


Append the discount code

Using the original payment link, append the following URL parameter with the discount code to embed it in the link:

[payment link]   +   &code=   +    [discount code]

For example, if the original payment link is...
https://www.trainerize.me/profile/[your business]/?planID=123

...and the discount code is FITBODY2019, the end result will look like this:
https://www.trainerize.me/profile/[your business]/?planID=123&code=FITBODY2019


Test the payment link

After appending the discount code, test out the link to ensure that it works! The Purchase Dialog on Trainerize.me should be pre-populated with the discount code:


NOTE: If the discount code's no longer valid or has exceeded its redemption limit, it will simply be ignored by the Purchase Dialog.


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