How To Track Workouts For A Client


As a trainer, you can help your clients track their workouts for them. We'll cover two ways on how you can track the workouts, on the web or from the mobile app. 


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How to track workouts for a client on mobile

1. Open a client's profile

Click on the client's name in your Clients section. Next, select the Open button at the top right corner of the screen as shown below. This will open the client's Dash.




2. Track the scheduled workouts

There are two ways to track scheduled workouts on the mobile app, from the Calendar tab and the client's Dash. All workouts whether they are tracked by the trainer or the client will save in the client's calendar. 


Track via the Calendar

  1. Go to the client's Calendar (using the bottom navigation bar) 
  2. Select the workout you want to track



Track via the client's Dash

  1. Go to the client's Dash
  2. Under the To-do list, tap the workout to track and complete the workout



You can also navigate to past days to complete workouts from the To-do list. 


Track multiple workouts in the past 

Aside from tracking scheduled workouts, trainers and clients can easily track and complete workouts in the past for multiple days. 

  1. Go to the client's Dash
  2. Click on the "+" icon at the bottom-right of the page, which will take you to the following screen.


3. Select the day in the past, or multiple days in the past, by clicking on "Date", which then takes you to the calendar.


4. Next, select "Workout".

5. Then, select the desired workout, hit "Add To Yesterday", and that workout will show up as a      "Completed" workout if you scroll back in the calendar.


How to track workouts for a client on the web

1. Click to open a client's Calendar

2. Select the desired date you wish to add a workout to. 

3. Select "Workout" from the small pop-up window. 

4. Pick the workout you wish to track and click "Add".


5. Click on the workout reflected on the selected date. 

6. Click on "Enter Stats".


7. Enter stats and hit "Save" at the top-right. 

8. The workout will show up as completed in the client's Calendar.



Milestone badges

These achievements will be unlocked when completing specific milestones in the app. As clients complete more and more workouts, they will unlock a new badge! You can easily check on them in the timeline, notification area, or client dashboard. Learn more here.


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