How To Track Workouts For A Client


Opening up a client's account to look into it

To open a client's profile, click on the clients name in your Clients section. Next, select the Open button at the top right corner of the screen as shown below. This will open the client's Dash.



Tracking Workouts

Go to the client's Calendar (using the bottom navigation bar) and then select the workout you want to track.

If the workout you want to track is scheduled for today, you can select it right from the client's Dash. 

All workouts whether they are tracked by the trainer or the client will save in the client's calendar.

To-do list items

To boost client accountability, we’ve made it easier for clients to see what’s coming up in their schedule, to look back on their past activities, and check-off to-do list items. 

  • Look at to-do lists both from the past and in the future using the new date feature added to the client dash (mobile)
  • Swipe across habits in the to-do list and quickly mark them as complete or delete them from the schedule (mobile)

Milestone badges

These achievements will be unlocked when completing specific milestones in the app. As clients complete more and more workouts, they will unlock a new badge! You can easily check on them in the timeline, notification area or client dashboard. Learn more here.


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