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What are invoices?

The Invoices section shows you all invoices issued to an individual client to collect payment. Each invoice will have a unique number for accounting purposes. You can click on the number to open the detailed view for that invoice.

Once you have opened the invoice, you can choose to refund the full or partial amount paid, or resend the invoice details to your client via email.


Invoice Filters

The Invoices grid can be filtered by the following invoice statuses:

  1. Paid Invoices: These are invoices that have been successfully paid.
  2. Refunded: These are invoices that have been partially or fully refunded.
  3. Failing Invoices: Billing issues (e.g. expired credit card, over credit limit, bank rejection, etc.) are preventing these invoices from being paid. The payments will be retried automatically. See their invoice previews for the next billing attempt dates.
  4. Failed Invoices: These invoices have been automatically marked as failed after 3 failed payment attempts.


Resend an Invoice

If a client didn't receive an invoice or misplaced the email, you can resend them the invoice:

  1. In Payments, click on Invoices in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on the invoice number of the invoice you wish to resend. You can use the search bar in the top-right corner to search invoices by client name or invoice number.

In the dialog pop-up, click the Resend button to resend the invoice. The client should receive it shortly via email.



To update and/or change the Statement Descriptor for client invoices, please visit Stripe's help article here.


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