Why Isn't My Client Receiving the Invitation Email?

In this article, we will outline the potential reasons why a client may not have received their Invitation Email and provide steps to help resolve the issue.

Common Issues and Solutions

1. Incorrect or Misspelled Email Address

Double-check that your client's account is set up with the correct email address. An easy way to check is by searching your client's name within your Client list. Open the client's profile and verify their email address is correct:

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 3.39.07 PM.png

If the email address needs correction, select the Edit icon in the upper right-hand corner, edit the email address, and click Save


2. Invitation Email Sent to Junk/Spam

Ask your client to check their junk or spam folders within their email account for the Invitation Email.


3. Expired Invitation Email

It's possible that your client's Invitation Email has expired. Invitation emails expire due to the following reasons:

  • It's been 30 days since the email was sent out.
  • The client clicked the setup link within the Invitation Email but did not finish account setup.
  • Another Invitation Email was manually sent to the client. A new Invitation Email sent will expire any previous ones.

4. Invitation Emails Being Blocked or Rejected

In some cases, the Invitation Email is sent but is blocked or rejected by the client's email system. This is often due to our emails being generated from an automated messaging system. 

To resolve the issue, kindly ask your client to add us (noreply@trainerize.com) to their safe sender list. Below are instructions on how to do so for most common email providers:

Resending the Client Invitation Email

Once you have pinpointed the issue based on the reasons above, resend your client the invitation email by following the steps outlined in our help article: How do I resend the client Invitation, Consultation Form or Reset Password?

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