How to Adjust the Default Setting for Client Meal Tracking

As the account owner or admin in ABC Trainerize, you have the flexibility to customize the default meal-tracking workflow for clients. By adjusting the account-wide settings for default meal tracking, you can ensure all new clients in your account follow a consistent meal-tracking workflow. 

For further guidance on the different meal-tracking options available, refer to this article: How Can Clients Track Their Nutrition?


Adjusting Default Meal Tracking Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Permissions
  2. Locate the "Client Types" section
  3. Find the subsection labeled "Meal Tracker" within the table
  4. Choose the preferred meal-tracking workflow that will serve as the default tracker for all new clients. 

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 10.30.12 AM.png


Based on the default settings above, all new clients will automatically be set up with this meal workflow. The meal workflow can still be adjusted for specific clients if another meal tracker is preferred. Please visit How to change meal trackers for clients (single and bulk) for more details. 


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