Troubleshooting - Why Didn't My Pre-Schedule Auto Message(s) Send to My Client?

At ABC Trainerize, we understand the importance of communication with your clients! This is why we have included the ability to pre-schedule auto-messages in Master Programs or via Client Programs. If you or your clients are experiencing issues with the delivery of scheduled auto messages, please refer to the following troubleshooting guide to identify and resolve potential issues.

1. Time Zone Discrepancies:

  • Problem: Auto messages are not being sent at the scheduled time, leading to confusion.
  • Solution: Ensure that when scheduling an auto-message for a client, you are taking into consideration the time zone difference. The scheduled time for auto messages will always be sent out to the client at the client's local time. Double-check the time zone settings in both the trainer's and client's profiles.

2. Minimum Scheduling Lead Time (1 Hour):

  • Problem: Auto messages are not being sent despite being scheduled.
  • Solution: Confirm that the auto message is scheduled at least 1 hour prior to the desired delivery time. Our system requires this minimum lead time to process and send messages effectively.

3. Server Load Delay:

  • Problem: Auto messages may experience a delay of 10-15 minutes during peak server load times.
  • Solution: Understand that high server load, particularly during busy hours, can temporarily slow down the delivery of auto messages. If your messages are time-sensitive, consider scheduling them during non-peak hours. Alternatively, allow for a slight buffer in delivery time to account for potential delays during periods of high server activity.

Additional Tips:

  • Internet Connection: Make sure both yourself and the client have a stable internet connection to ensure smooth communication between the application and the servers.
  • Application Updates: Ensure that both yourself and client have the latest version of the application installed. Outdated versions may run into issues with various features on the platform.

Contact Support:

If the issues persist after following the troubleshooting steps above, or if you notice a significant delay in the sending of your auto-messages, please reach out to our support team at for further assistance. Provide details such as the affected client, specific auto message settings, and which auto message was affected.

We appreciate your commitment to ABC Trainerize, and we are here to help you make the most out of your training experience!

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