How to Replace System Exercise Videos


Add a personal touch to your workouts by replacing the default Exercise videos with your own! 

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How to replace a system exercise video:

  • Hover over the Master Libraries Tab > Select the Exercises Tab from the menu options >

    Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 16.52.25.png

  • On the Exercises Tab > Click the system exercise video you would like to replace > 

    Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 16.52.47.png

  • Hit Replace with a Custom Video 

    Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 16.53.00.png

  • Drag and drop your desired .mov or .mp4 file (up to 5mins long) into the window > Hit the blue SAVE CHANGES button to replace the system exercise video with a custom video 

    Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 16.53.55.png


How to revert a custom video back to a system exercise video? 

  • Follow the steps outlined above to:

    • Navigate to the Exercise Library tab > Select the video you would like to revert from the library >
  • Once you've selected the video you want to revert > Hit the blue Revert to System Video Option > Hit SAVE CHANGES

    Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 16.53.55.png




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