Swap Custom Meals in the Smart Meal Planner


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Add a personal touch to your client's smart meal plans by swapping in your own creations! 

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Before you can swap custom meals into your client's smart meal plans: 

Settings and Permissions: 

To "turn on" the ability to swap custom meals– you'll have to make some adjustments to your account settings!

  • Select the Settings tab > Select Permissions > Scroll to the "Trainerize Content Permissions" > Uncheck the "Show Only Traninerize Meals" option > and hit the blue SAVE button. 

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    • *Note: Only account owners and admins can change account settings* 



Swap Custom Meals in the Smart Meal Planner:

  • Select a client > Click "Meal Plan" on the client card to open your client's profile > 

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  • This will open your client's Meal Plan on their profile > Hit the meal swap button under any meal > 

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  • Select the Meal Filters menu > Toggle off "Show meals that best fit nutrition goal" > Hit the blue APPLY button > Custom meals will now appear in your Swap Meal options.  

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    • Note: when this filter is toggled off– swapped meals can overshoot or undershoot a client's set caloric goal.  

  • Select a custom meal from the Meal Swap options > Hit the blue SWAP button > 

    Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 20.23.39.png

Note: Custom meals can only be manually swapped into a client's meal plan. If you would like to regenerate your client's meal plan, you must do so before swapping in custom meals or you will need to repeat this process. 



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