Pro Custom Branded App: How to Purchase the Add-on

With the power of ABC Trainerize already helping you train more clients and streamline your online training business, it’s only logical that the next step in your business’ growth plan should be a Custom Branded App! Learn about app features and what to expect with the Pro Custom Branded App Add-on here.

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Steps to Purchase the Pro Custom Branded App Add-on

Firstly, ensure you are on a Pro plan. The Custom Branded App add-on is not available with a 30-day trial, free or Grow plans. If you are on a Studio or Enterprise plan, please visit: Custom Branded App - Requirements and Process.

1. Go to Add-ons > Custom Branded Mobile App > Summary and then scroll down to the GET THE APP button and select it. 



2. In the pop-up dialogue that follows, click PAY NOW. You also have the option to enter a new credit card on this page. 



3. If your payment is successful, you will be taken to the option shown below. Click Continue.



Submitting your Pro Custom Branded App Request

  • Once the add-on has been purchased, you will be directed to our interactive web publisher to begin building your Custom Branded App.
  • This self-guided process will assist you in uploading your brand assets and artwork, previewing how your app will look, and finally, submitting your app for publication.

For detailed steps on submitting your assets to the web publisher, please visit: Pro Custom Branded App: Using the Publisher to Submit Your Request



Please note that your logo and artwork must adhere to specific format and size requirements to be upload to the publisher. Review our help article on Pro Custom Branded App: Preparing Assets for Your App to ensure a seamless upload of your logos. 

The requirements are: 

  • App icon (1024 x 1024 pixels, transparent background PNG)
  • Top bar logo (928 x 240 pixels, transparent background PNG)
  • Launch screen background (2048 x 2048 pixels, JPG)
  • Launch screen logo (686 x 676 pixels, transparent background PNG)


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