How to Create Interval Workouts in Trainerize


1. Click "Master Workouts" from the left-hand menu to go to your Master Workout Library and select the "New Workout" button. 




2. In the pop-up dialogue, name your workout, select Interval and click Start Building.




3. Drag and drop exercises from the right to the left to create the workout list like you normally would. Exercises tagged as unilateral, ipsilateral, and contralateral will be split into left and right exercises within your interval workout. You can then set the duration of each of the exercises and specify the number of reps. 


Then click "Save" at the top right of the Workout Builder to save your Interval Workout.



What do your clients see? 


When your client performs this workout their phone will display the exercises one after another and the timer will countdown to the next exercise. The exercise videos will automatically loop for system exercises, or if it is a custom exercise, the client can pause the workout to watch the video if needed.



The Interval workout also speaks the upcoming exercise aloud (using the voice feature on the phone), so if your client is familiar with the movement, they don't even have to look at their phone. There will also be additional audio cue voice-overs to accompany the exercise to motivate the client. 


They can pause the entire workout any time if needed and after the workout, they can track their reps so you can see how they did!


Lastly, clients can run the interval workout in the background and the audio cues and timer will continue running.  


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