How To Add Clients To ABC Trainerize

Adding clients to your ABC Trainerize account can be done seamlessly on both the web and mobile app. Follow the steps below to get started!

Adding Clients On the Web:

1. When logged in on the web, click on the ADD NEW drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select Client.

2. From the pop-up dialogue, fill out all of the required fields


3. Under the Type section, there are four options to choose from. Learn more about Client Types here.


4. Once you're done, click ADD AND SEND INVITE.


Adding Clients on the Mobile App:

1. When logged in on the mobile app, tap on the Client section. Then tap on the Plus icon to either Add New Client or Import Contact
IMG_0012.jpeg IMG_0013.jpeg 


2. a) After tapping on Import Contact, you will see a list of all your contacts. Please note that you will need to provide ABC Trainerize access to your contacts in order to import. After selecting a contact, you will need to complete the remaining fields (in Step 2b)
IMG_0017.jpeg Screenshot_20240206_165520_Permission controller.jpg


2. b) After tapping on Add New Client, fill out all of the required fields and drop-down selections. Tap Add in the upper right hand corner to complete! 
IMG_0016.jpeg IMG_0016_.jpeg

What Happens Next

Once added, the client will recieve an invitation email informing them that they've been added as a client of yours. The email will prompt them to:

  • Create an account and set up a password.
  • Download the mobile app (if given full access two or one-way messaging).
  • Complete the consultation form if turned on.
  • If your client is having trouble receiving the invitation email, follow the steps outlined in our help article: Why Isn't My Client Receiving the Invitation Email?

Remember, your client will primarily use the mobile app but can log in to the web app at your Trainerize URL ({businessname}

For more information on customizing what happens when a client is added to your account, visit: Business-level Automated Messages and Events


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