What does the client see on the mobile app?

In this article, we go through the client experience of what a client sees in the app when a trainer adds them.


Step 1. Adding a client from the dashboard: 

When you add a client with sign in access to your account, they are immediately sent an email to download the app and set up their account.

Click the orange Add New button from the top > select, Client > fill in their details > click Add and send invite.


Step 2. Client receives welcome email

The client will receive an email "Welcome to {your business name}"


Step 3. Client sets their stats & preferences

Once the client has set up their password they will be asked to fill out their body stats and preferences.


Step 4. Client completes consultation form

Your client will then be asked to fill out the consultation form, so long as you have it turned on from Settings > Auto messages and events. See this article for customizing the client consultation form. 


Step 5. Client is directed to download the app

Once your client has completed all the previous steps they will then be automatically directed to download the Trainerize app. 

If you have purchased the Custom Branded Fitness App:

Android - the client will be directed to your Google Play mobile store listing to download your custom app

iOS - the icon and internal branding will be switched from the default Trainerize branding to your own custom branding during the client's first login.

For more information on how to brand the Trainerize app to your own Custom Branding, please see this article

When they log in for the first time they will be greeted by a welcome video showing them how to use the app. If you have uploaded your own welcome video that will also display at this time. To read our article on how to set up your own welcome video, click this link


Step 6. Clients can now discover features in the app

The client can discover all areas of the app like viewing their things to do, activities they've been assigned by their coaches/trainers, progress on the dashboard, their full calendar, training programs, and goals.



How does the client's experience differ from the trainer's experience?

In general, when you open a client's account to look inside, you see almost exactly the same thing as a client. There are a few differences, however:

1. The trainer has additional editing controls when viewing a client profile on the app
2. Trainers do not have access to the client's groups, meal tracking, or appointment booking on the clients profile view.
On the web app, the dashboard and section layouts for the trainer, when a trainer opens a client's account, are very similar to the mobile experience, adapted for a larger screen. Hence the trainer can get a feel of what it looks like for the client on the mobile.
Below is an illustration of a client's dashboard when viewing it as a trainer, represented by the web view on the left and the mobile view on the right-hand side. 



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